Team of Life: Offering young people a sporting chance

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The Team of Life narrative approach uses sporting metaphors to enable young people to deal with traumatic experience without having to speak directly about it. Young people are invited to consider who are the members of their ‘Team of Life’:

Who make up some of the team members of your life? These people can be alive or no longer living. They can be present in your life now or people who you have known in the past. Who are the people who have been most influential (in a positive way) in your life? Who is your goal keeper? If you had to name one person who looks out for you, who guards your goals, who is most reliable, who would this be? Who is your coach? Who is it you have learned most things from?. What are some of the things that they have taught you? What is your home ground? Where is the place you feel most ‘at home’? Your home ground might be somewhere that you go regularly, or somewhere that you only visit in your memories or dreams now.

Young people then go on to speak about their favourite ways of ‘tackling’ problems, the ‘goals’ they wish to ‘score’, and so on. This DVD outlines the key steps in the Team of Life methodology which is now being used in a wide range of contexts: in schools, with refugees in Australia, with young men in prisons in New York State, with young people in Norway, Uganda, Brazil, Palestine, and elsewhere.

The DVD runs for one hour and is available in PAL format. 

Team of Life: Offering young people a sporting chance