We have come to testify: There is much we want the world to know

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Some years ago, a citizens tribunal was conducted to coincide with the fifteenth anniversary of the Byak Massacre – a devastating event for West Papuans in which more than one hundred civilians were killed, raped or tortured. This citizens tribunal looked and acted much like a court and followed the format of a coronial inquest (a formal inquiry into a death). While it had no formal jurisdiction, this tribunal was an action pursued by the long-running West Papuan independence movement and it received significant media coverage. West Papuan cultural practices and collective narrative practice informed the ways in which testimonies were told during this tribunal. The tribunal opened and closed with West Papuan song. A number of testimonies were given individually and a collective testimony was also delivered. The collective testimony continues to reverberate and to be put to use by the West Papuan independence movement. It is now available as a beautifully illustrated book and CD with the audio recordings of testimony and music produced by David Bridie and performed by Radical Son, the late Ferry Marisan, and Tio Bang.
We have come to testify: There is much we want the world to know