Narrative Therapy Classics

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ADVANCE PURCHASE: Gathered together for this new book are papers and interviews by Michael White that transformed conventional notions of therapy, reshaped understandings of psychosis, provided new ways of responding to grief, and continue to profoundly challenge the hegemony of psychiatric knowledges. Equally moving and inspiring, these chapters convey a rare combination of political analysis and compassion. For some, reading this book will be like sitting once again with an old friend and being re-invigorated by their company. For others, each chapter will provide unexpected challenges and possibilities. Whether you are responding to people experiencing grief, mental health struggles, or traumatic experience; whether you are meeting with children or adults or families — the stories included here and the rigour of the thinking, will provide you with new options for practice and understanding.


  1. Deconstruction and therapy

  2. Psychotic experience and discourse: An interview of Michael White by Ken Stewart

  3. Saying hullo again: The incorporation of the lost relationship in the resolution of grief

  4. Re-membering

  5. Children, trauma and subordinate storyline development

  6. Narrative practice and unpacking of identity conclusions

  7. Fostering collaboration – between parents and children,and between child protection services and families

  8. On ethics and spiritualities of the surface An interview of Michael White by Michael Hoyt and Gene Combs 

  9. Conscious purpose and commitment exercise

Narrative Therapy Classics