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Author Year Title
Kyle Sawyer 2013 Explorations in trans* subjectivity
Barbara Baumgartner 2013 It Ain’t Over: Marriage (in-)equality and queer assimilation
Behan, C. 2000 Reflections on 'Weaving new stories over the phone'.
Levett, P. 2004 Honouring many relations of love: perspectives on Tasmanias 'Relationship Act'.
Logan, W. 2000 Reflections on reflections to 'Weaving new stories over the phone'.
Newmark, M. 2002 Film review of 'Trembling before G-D'.
Ralfs, C. 2002 Reflections on 'couple therapy'.
Mary Heath 2011 'Enabling conversations about sex and sexuality.'
Duren-Sutherland, A., Bonnichsen, S., Cordo, E., Sangrey, E., Tomison, W. & Rose, S. 1999 Dealing with responses from the gay and lesbian world and the straight world: Young peoples experiences. From an interview (Gibian, R. interviewer).
Duren-Sutherland, A., Bonnichsen, S., Cordo, E., Sangrey, E., Tomison, W. & Rose, S. 1999 Young people talking about bisexuality. From an interview (Gibian, R. interviewer).
Denborough, D. 2001 Eulogy.
Denborough, D. (ed) 2002 Queer Counselling and Narrative Practice.
Cohen, J., Johnston, C., Pentecost, M., Speedy, J. & Stewart, D. 2001 Lesbian lives, lesbian lunches: Plots and subplots.
Carter, L. 1994 Sunday mowing.
Amy, 1995 Amys Story.
Hinds, A. 1999 Identity, politics, and working together.
Hartman, A. & Laird, J. 2001 Its a new world.
Tilsen, J., & Nylund, D. 2010 Resisting normativity: Queer musings on politics, identity, and the performance of therapy
Baumgartner, Barbara 2009 A multiplicity of desire: Polyamory and relationship counselling
Reid, Kath 2008 'Dancing our own steps: A queer families' project.'