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Author Year Title
David Denborough Retelling the Stories of Our Lives Everyday Narrative Therapy to Draw Inspiration and Transform Experience
Rina Taub and Carly Forster 2016 First steps towards an alternative suicide risk screening tool: Navigating risk assessment and encouraging life-sustaining conversations
Chris Dolman and Michael Spurrier 2016 Hopeful conversations about voice hearing
Ocean Hung 2016 Expanding the landscape: Narrative practice in rehabilitation services for adults affected by intellectual disability in Hong Kong
Eleni E. Karageorgiou 2016 Stories of the body: Incorporating the body into narrative practice
Georgia Korre 2016 Fascinating Racism in the age of the Greek crisis: Stories of resistance
Carolyn Markey 2015 Exploring feminist narrative practice and ethics in a school setting
Chris Dolman 2015 Re-contextualising conversations and rich story development
Chanelle Burns 2015 ‘My story to be told’: Explorations in narrative documentation with people from refugee backgrounds
Mohamed Fareez 2015 The ‘Life Certificate’: A tool for grief work in Singapore
Carolyn Ng 2015 Consulting young people about living with cancer
Ron Findlay 2015 Naming problems as political action
Sumie Ishikawa 2014 Co-researching Hikikomori problem with insiders’ knowledges: Creating 'Nakama'(Comradeship) across the ocean & generations
Ross Hernandez 2014 Seeking treasure beneath the ruins: Stories of narrative practice with children and their loved ones
Amy Druker 2014 What to do when a diagnosis doesn’t fit?
Lorraine Hedtke 2014 Creating stories of hope: A narrative approach to illness, death and grief
Anik Serneels 2013 Picturing stories: Drawings in narrative family therapy with children
Ninetta Tavano 2013 Building bridges: Re-authoring workplace relationships
David Denborough 2012 A storyline of collective narrative practice: a history of ideas, social projects and partnerships
Amanda Worrall and June 2012 Inviting paranoia to the table