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Author Year Title
Karen Young, Bonnie Miller 2012 Weaving Threads of Past Connection and Present Purposes: Conversations About the Legacy Of Michael White with Shona Russell, Rob Hall, And Maggie Carey
Chitat Chan, Kee-hung Ngai, Chi-keung Wong 2012 Using photographs in narrative therapy to externalize the problem: A substance abuse case
David Marsten, David Epston, Lisa Johnson 2012 One Good Story Deserves Another
David Epston, John R. Stillman, Christopher R. Erbes 2012 Speaking Two Languages: A Conversations between Narrative Therapy and Scientific Practice
Razi Shachar, Ron Nasim, Tali Leshem, Jamina Rosenberg, Aya Schmidt, Vivy Schmuely 2012 Power Hierarchy, Multiple Truth, And Innovations In Narrative Supervision
David Epston 2012 The Corner: Mother Appreciation Parties
Tapio Malinen 2011 The Extraordinary In The Ordinary: A Conversation With Jill Freedman
David Marsten, David Epston, Lisa Johnson 2011 The Ethics of Excitement
David Epston 2011 The Corner: More Innovations In Practice And Research
David Epston 2011 The Corner: Innovative Services
Rose Yukich, Te Kawehau Hoskins 2011 Responsibility and The Other: Cross-Cultural Engagement in the Narratives of Three New Zealand School Leaders
Maggie Carey, Shona Russell 2011 Pedagogy Shaped by Culture: Teaching Narrative Approaches to Australian Aboriginal Health Workers
Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, Jeffrey Zimmerman 2011 Narrative Therapy and Interpersonal Neurobiology: Revisiting Classic Practices, Developing New Emphases
Laura Béres, Kate Bowles, Jan Fook 2011 Narrative Therapy And Critical Reflection On Practice: A Conversation With Jan Fook
Nathalie Duque Bello 2011 Narrative Case Study: Using the Client As Her Own Witness to Change
David Epston 2011 More Travels With Herodotus: Tripping Over Borders Lightly Or “Psychiatric Imperialism”
David Epston 2011 The Corner: Clients who Inspired you
Marcela Polanco 2011 Autoethnographic Means to the End of a Decolonizing Translation
David Epston 2010 The Corner: Stories this Time
Jim Hibel, Marcela Polanco 2010 Tuning The Ear: Listening In Narrative Therapy