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Author Year Title
David Epston, Tom Stone Carlson 2016 Introduction To Special Series For “The Corner”: Exemplary Tales: Virtual Apprenticeships
Sasha Mcallum Pilkington 2016 Insurance Policies For Miracle Cures: A Story Illustrating Narrative Counseling Practice With Someone Approaching Death
David Epston, Travis Heath, Kay Ingamells, Sasha Mcallum Pilkington 2016 Exemplary Tales: Virtual Apprenticeships
María-Fernanda Medina-Muñoz, Rob Chase, Kerstin Roger, Carla Loeppky, Javier Mignone 2016 A Novel Visual Tool To Assist Therapy Clients’ Narrative And To Disclose Difficult Life Events: The Life Story Board
J. Christopher Hall 2016 A Narrative Case Study Of Hamlet And The Cultural Construction Of Western Individualism, Diagnosis, And Madness
Dan Wulff, Sally St. George, Karl Tomm, Emily Doyle, Monica Sesma 2015 Unpacking The PIPS To HIPS Curiosity: A Narrative Study
David Epston 2015 The Problem of Rain
Travis Heath, Paulo Arroyo 2015 Spitting Truth From My Soul: A Case Story Of Rapping, Probation, And The Narrative Practices Part II
Travis Heath, Paulo Arroyo 2015 Spitting Truth From My Soul: A Case Story Of Rapping, Probation, And The Narrative Practices Part I
Jeffrey Zimmerman, Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin 2015 Neurobiology For Your Narrative: How Brain Science Can Influence Narrative Work
Sonja Bar-Am 2015 Narratives of Psychosis, Stories Of Magical Realism
Robert Maclennan 2015 Co-Creating Pivotal Moments: Narrative Practice And Neuroscience
Donald McMenamin 2014 Supporting Reputation And Behavior Change At School Through Exploring And Retelling Preferred Identity Stories
Nina Tejs Jørring, Charlotte Bredahl Jacobsen 2014 The Corner: Narrative Therapy In CAMHS: Creating Multistoried Treatments
David Epston 2014 The Corner: Clients That Inspire Us
Barbara Baumgartner, Brian Dean Williams 2014 Becoming An Insider: Narrative Therapy Groups Alongside People Overcoming Homelessness
Shawn Patrick, Colleen M. Connolly 2013 The Privilege Project: A Narrative Approach For Teaching Social Justice And Multicultural Awareness
Kayla R. Waters, Deborah E. Altus, N. Iris Wilkinson 2013 Promoting Student Professional Identity, Challenging Our Own: Narrative Practices In Internship Seminars
Jeff Chang , David Nylund 2013 Narrative and Solution-Focused Therapies: A Twenty-Year Retrospective
Joana Sequeira, Madalena Alarcão 2013 Assessment System of Narrative Change