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Author Year Title
Sasha McAllum Pilkington 2014 Traveling on the journey to death: A story illustrating narrative practice for counsellors
Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad 2016 Gender belonging: Children, adolescents, adults and the role of the therapist - Revised
Zoy Kazan 2016 Deconstructing Emotion: A review of “The book of human emotions” by Tiffany Watt Smith
Angélica Quiroga, Jessica V. Jiménez, Gabriela A. Beltrán,Valeria Casas, Bertha N. López 2016 A narrative approach to addressing pain in hospitalised paediatric patients: Handicraft and digital interventions
Rina Taub and Carly Forster 2016 First steps towards an alternative suicide risk screening tool: Navigating risk assessment and encouraging life-sustaining conversations
David Newman 2016 How we deal with ‘way out thoughts’: A living document ... Ways of talking with young people about suicidal thoughts
David Newman 2016 Explorations with the written word in an inpatient mental health unit for young people
Jonathan McClelland 2016 Thickly describing together – utilising collaborative ethnography in narrative therapy work with young people
Rachel Tolfree 2016 We could be heroes: How film and comic book heroes helped a peer support group to reconnect with their gifts
Chris Dolman and Michael Spurrier 2016 Hopeful conversations about voice hearing
Kassandra Pedersen 2016 Uncovering Bulimia’s demanding voice: Challenges from a narrative therapist’s perspective
Agnes Noble, Colin Jones 2005 Benefits of narrative therapy: holistic interventions at the end of life
Thomas St. James O'connor, Elizabeth Meakes, M. Ruth Pickering, Martha Schuman 1997 On The Right Track: Client Experience of Narrative Therapy
Daniel Moss 2016 De-centered and Influential Practice in Men's Behavior Change Programs: Possibilities and Challenges
Tom Stone Carlson, Emily M. Corturillo, Jill Freedman 2016 There’s Always A Puppy (And Sometimes A Bunny): A Story About A Story About A Story
Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, Meredith Moersch, Benjamin S. Evare 2016 The Effectiveness Of Narrative Therapy With Children’s Social And Emotional Skill Development: An Empirical Study Of 813 Problem-Solving Stories
David Epston 2016 The Dirty Pants Problem And A Wonderfulness Interview
David Epston 2016 Editor’s Note For Special Series For “The Corner”: Exemplary Tales
David Epston 2016 The Corner Re-Imagining Narrative Therapy: A History For The Future
Christoffer Haugaard 2016 Narrative Therapy As An Ethical Practice