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Author Year Title
From the people of Ntaria/Hermannsburg, David Denborough, Barbara Wingard and Cheryl White 2009 Yia Marra: Good stories that make spirits strong (Booklet and CD)
Dulwich Centre Foundation 2013 Wet beds in times of trouble
David Denborough, Dulwich Centre Foundation 2010 Team of Life (DVD)
Dulwich Centre Foundation 2011 Life-saving tips (Booklet and DVD)
Dulwich Centre Foundation 2008 Strengthening Resistance: The use of narrative therapy in working with genocide survivors (Booklet and DVD)
Dulwich Centre Foundation 2014 Letters of kindness and knowledge
Dulwich Centre Foundation 2015 The things to get you through ... when our children are struggling
Dulwich Centre Foundation 2014 Responding to trauma this is not past
Louise Carmichael and David Denborough 2015 Listening for alternative stories: narrative practice with vulnerable children and young people in India
Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad, Elsa Almås and Kaethe Weingarten 2015 Sex positive ways of perceiving sexual turn-on patterns Part I Understanding
Nick Coleman 2015 Joe’s voyage of life map: away from alcohol
Chris Wever 2015 Beyond psychological truth: Deconstructing western deficit-oriented psychology and the co-construction of alternative psychologies in narrative practice
Susannah Sheffer 2015 Grieving together: The value of public ritual for family members of executed persons
Phillipa Johnson 2014 Resisting violences, reclaiming lives: Honouring the insider knowledges, initiatives and contributions of young people responding to intimate partner & family violence through film
Sumie Ishikawa 2014 Co-researching Hikikomori problem with insiders’ knowledges: Creating 'Nakama'(Comradeship) across the ocean & generations
Ross Hernandez 2014 Seeking treasure beneath the ruins: Stories of narrative practice with children and their loved ones
Amy Druker 2014 What to do when a diagnosis doesn’t fit?
Sarah Ferguson 2014 Using narrative practices to respond to Stigma Stalker in the workplace: A journey with Joe
Povl E.B. Jensen 2014 Narrative Therapy: Wandering with King Arthur and Dr. Watson
Clive Taylor 2014 Serious play with computer games: A sometimes useful approach for connecting with young people who choose to wait and see