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Author Year Title
Kristina J. Lainson 2016 From 'disorder' to political action: Conversations that invite collective considerations to individual experiences of women who express concerns about eating and their bodies
Compiled by Marnie Sather and David Newman 2015 Holding our heads up: We have lost loved ones to suicide and want to share stories not stigma - A resource for families who have lost loved ones to suicide
Marc F. Leger 2016 Exploring the bicycle metaphor as a vehicle for rich story development: A collective narrative practice project
Evalie Horner and Patrick Davey Tully 2016 Divorcing the voice of fear: A collaborative, narrative approach to anxiety
Ryan Greenwell 2016 Troublemaker Cards: Promoting the language of responsibility and prevention in men’s domestic violence
Christine Ullmann 2016 Playing and narrative therapy: Combining views from psychotherapy and occupational therapy in work with children
Dale Andersen-Giberson 2016 What’s in a Game? Narrative therapy approaches with people who have relationships with gaming and online communities
Margarita Katsikadelis 2016 'When The Crisis broke out, our whole world went upside down’ The special skills and knowledge that are sustaining us during the economic crisis in Greece’
Chad Loftis 2016 Living in stories: Embodiment in therapy through liturgical practice
Sarah Strauven 2016 Definitional ceremonies as rituals of hospitality
Georgia Korre 2016 Fascinating Racism in the age of the Greek crisis: Stories of resistance
Aliki Meimaridou 2016 Finding refuge: A travelling ‘Tree of Knowledge’
Renee Butler 2016 Letter writing in two contexts: Facilitating stories of resistance
Carolyn Markey 2015 Exploring feminist narrative practice and ethics in a school setting
Chris Dolman 2015 Re-contextualising conversations and rich story development
Chanelle Burns 2015 ‘My story to be told’: Explorations in narrative documentation with people from refugee backgrounds
Clare Wood, Mercy Fredericks, Beth Neate and Doreen Unghango 2015 The stories we need to tell: Using online outsider-witness processes and digital storytelling in a remote Australian Aboriginal community
An interview with Alice Abou, Amber Abou, Cheyenne Andy & Josh Simpson 2015 The future is shifting: Aboriginal young people leading the way
Manja Visschedijk 2015 Review of the Non-Monogamies and Contemporary Intimacies Conference (NMCI) held in Portugal, 25th - 27th September 2015
Loretta Pederson 2015 Sharing sadness and finding small pieces of justice: Acts of resistance and acts of reclaiming in working with women who’ve been subjected to abuse