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Author Year Title
Joseph M. Graham Jr. 2014 Narrative Therapy for Treating Video Game Addiction
Karen Countryman-Roswurm & Anthony DiLollo 2017 Survivor: A Narrative Therapy Approach for Use with Sex Trafficked Women and Girls
Emory Luce Baldwin 2013 Thumbs up/thumbs down: When a child declines to speak
David Denborough Retelling the Stories of Our Lives Everyday Narrative Therapy to Draw Inspiration and Transform Experience
Compiled by Aunty Barbara Wingard and Dulwich Centre Foundation 2015 Stories of hope for Aboriginal children, families and culture: Narrative responses to a national crisis
Barbara Wingard, Carolynanha Johnson and Tileah Drahm-Butler Aboriginal narrative practice: Honouring storylines of pride, strength and creativity
Michael White Narratives of Therapists' Lives
Dulwich Centre Foundation 2014 Responding to trauma this is not past
Dulwich Centre Foundation 2015 The things to get you through ... when our children are struggling
Denborough, David, Freedman, Jill, & White, Cheryl 2008 Strengthening resistance: The use of narrative practices in working with genocide survivors (DVD).
Denborough, David, Freedman, Jill, & White, Cheryl 2008 Strengthening resistance: The use of narrative practices in working with genocide survivors.
Dulwich Centre Foundation 2008 Strengthening Resistance: The use of narrative therapy in working with genocide survivors (Booklet and DVD)
From the people of Ntaria/Hermannsburg, David Denborough, Barbara Wingard and Cheryl White 2009 Yia Marra: Good stories that make spirits strong (Booklet and CD)
Dulwich Centre Foundation 2011 Life-saving tips (Booklet and DVD)
Derek Botha 2015 Anorexia nervosa: A fresh perspective
Kristina J. Lainson 2016 From 'disorder' to political action: Conversations that invite collective considerations to individual experiences of women who express concerns about eating and their bodies
Compiled by Marnie Sather and David Newman 2015 Holding our heads up: We have lost loved ones to suicide and want to share stories not stigma - A resource for families who have lost loved ones to suicide
Marc F. Leger 2016 Exploring the bicycle metaphor as a vehicle for rich story development: A collective narrative practice project
Evalie Horner and Patrick Davey Tully 2016 Divorcing the voice of fear: A collaborative, narrative approach to anxiety
Ryan Greenwell 2016 Troublemaker Cards: Promoting the language of responsibility and prevention in men’s domestic violence