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Author Year Title
Sasha McAllum Pilkington 2018 A story illustrating narrative therapy in a crosscultural conversation with someone approaching death
Tom Stone Carlson, David Epston, Amanda Haire, Emily Corturillo Ana Huerta Lopez, Sara Vedvei & Sasha Mcallum Pilkington 2017 Learning Narrative Therapy Backwards: Exemplary Tales As An Alternative Pedagogy For Learning Practice
Dulwich Centre Foundation 2015 The things to get you through ... when our children are struggling
Compiled by Dulwich Centre Foundation Letters of kindness and knowledge: Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and Aboriginal young people share their ‘life-saving tips’
Louise Carmichael and David Denborough 2015 Listening for alternative stories: narrative practice with vulnerable children and young people in India
by David Denborough, Evelyn Culnana, Rebecca Peters, Tim Demos, Pam Rycroft and Glenda Fredman 2015 It Takes a Team: A collective narrative project involving young people with chronic health concerns and their families
Compiled by Ola El-Hassan and Lobna Yassine in collaboration with young Muslims Skills, values and story cards
Compiled by Aunty Barbara Wingard and Dulwich Centre Foundation 2015 Stories of hope for Aboriginal children, families and culture: Narrative responses to a national crisis
Epston, D. 1989 Collected Papers.
White, C. & Hales, J. (eds) 1997 The Personal is the Professional: Therapists reflect on their families, lives and work.
David Denborough Retelling the Stories of Our Lives Everyday Narrative Therapy to Draw Inspiration and Transform Experience
Barbara Wingard, Carolynanha Johnson and Tileah Drahm-Butler Aboriginal narrative practice: Honouring storylines of pride, strength and creativity
David Denborough 2018 Do you want to hear a story? Adventures in collective narrative practice
Morgan, A 2006 'Creating audiences for children's preferred stories'
Derek Botha 2018 ‘Anorexic’ Adolescents: Negative and Positive Resistances in Narrative Therapy
Gwen Vogel Mitchell, Travis Heath & David Epston 2017 A Tale Of An Exemplary Tale In The Classroom: An Accidental Inquiry Of The Restoration Of Beauty
David Newman 2010 Using narrative practices with anxiety and depression: Elevating context, joining people, and collecting insider-knowledges
Kay Ingamells and David Epston 2012 Placing strengths into storylines: Building Bridges Between Strengths-based and Narrative Approaches
Bateman, Jackie & White, Nigel 2008 'The use of narrative therapy to allow the emergence of engagement.'
Daniil Danilopoulos 2017 The Shame and the Kikipos