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Author Year Title
Kate 1998 A story of survival.
Ivana Milojević 2014 Creating Alternative Selves: The Use of Futures Discourse in Narrative Therapy
Edited by Lucy S. Raizman and Bea Hollander-Goldfein 2014 Narrative Reflections
David Newman 2010 Using narrative practices with anxiety and depression: Elevating context, joining people, and collecting insider-knowledges
Hannan, Kate 2008 'Creating an alternative pathwway through the criminal justice system: Enabling alternative stories to be heard.'
Rodrigo T. Lopes, Miguel M. Gonçalves, Daniel Fassnacht, Paulo P. P. Machado and Inês Sousa 2013 Time to Improve and Recover from Depressive Symptoms and Interpersonal Problems in a Clinical Trial
John Winslade 2013 Deconstructing the Policing of the Normal: An Examination of the Work Done by Undercover Anti-Bullying Teams
Vikki Reynolds 2013 Leaning In as Imperfect Allies in Community Work
Sara Cobb 2013 Narrative “Braiding” and the Role of Public Officials in Transforming the Public’s Conflicts
Mary McMahon and Mark Watson 2012 Story crafting: strategies for facilitating narrative career counselling
Dr. Kathy Hansen 2005 Story/Narrative in Career Counseling
Robert C. Chope and Andrés J. Consoli 2007 A Narrative Approach to Multicultural Career Counseling
Vikki Reynolds interviewed by Sekneh Hammoud-Beckett 2012 Bridging the Worlds of Therapy & Activism: Intersections, Tensions & Affinities
Adam Hahs and Milan Colic 2012 Reducing Collusion with Individualism and Dichotomous Thinking in Counselling: Exploring the Constructs of 'Confidentiality' and 'Disclosure' Through Forums and Interviews
Renee Handsaker 2012 Opening Up the Counselling Room: The Joining of Stories as a Political Act
David Deborough 2012 Responding to Survivors of Torture and Suffering: Survival Skills and Stories of Kurdish Families
Kay Ingamells and David Epston 2012 Placing Strengths into Storylines: Building Bridges Between Strengths-Based and Narrative Approaches
Botha, D. 2012 NO LABELS: Men in Relationship with Anorexia
Freedman, J and Combs, G. 2012 Narrative, Postructuralism and Social Justice: Current Practices in Narrative Therapy
Denborough, D. 1996 Power and partnership: Challenging the sexual construction of schooling.